Another brave woman with LS shares her experience

Candie wanted me to share her story

“Hi Lady !

I was first diagnosed in April 2017! Prior been Dr. Hemzil at Woman’s Medical Center in Lafayette , La and she wrote is off as Atrophy and Vaginal Dryness for 3 Years. As a request I asked for biopsy stating that my daughter had been diagnosed with LS in 2012. Dr. Hemzil response was not needed . Take your hormones and estrace and be happy.

As you can imagine I was horrified to see pics of myself and realize that how in the world can a Doctor be so blind . I can only say each time I went to this Woman Medical Care Group , my experience with her was a number a file on the door and a bank deposit in her account .

Giving you some history to write about more to come loves ..

The first group of pictures are some before photos. You can zoom in to see closer. The second set of photos are 3 days after her surgery with Dr. Kathleen Posey. Dr. Posey opened her up at her 6’oclock and did the O shot and PRP injections of the vulva area.

She has experienced little discomfort at all. She is using hormones and testosterone on the area.

Good morning Ladies ,

I had the Great Pleasure to meet Dr.Posey on October 9th. Let me

say that my Vagina has had more attention in two days then it had nine years . Many past trips to OBGYN who just dismissed it as a old age atrophy and vaginal dryness. I have had LS for over 9 years. As I share a personal note about my husband who is a wonderful man, but yet he has this part of his personality that says “get over it , you make it more then it is. “As he shared that sentiment in the doctors office on Monday. So for years I kept it to myself . As he has seen my vagina more in two days then he has seen in 9 years . Dr. Posey explained the LS damaged to my vagina and the skin growth and scaring at 6 O’clock area and perineum . I’m sure he has a better understanding. Dr. Posey bedside manner is Amazing and Heaven sent as well as her knowledge of this illness . I felt for the first time in years God has Blessed me. As Dr. Posey first examined me I literally pop up on the table , well it was time to take meds and relax. As I prayed before procedure alone in my room. I had the sense of comfort and peace. Dr. Posey and her Staff have the gift of making you feel at peace. The comfort, kindness and care was above and beyond . My procedure was minor surgery cutting away the skin at 6 O’clock and perineum. Dr. Posey proceeded with the O ‘Shot into clitoral area and PRP injections to my vaginal area and perineum. I have also learned to control the muscle that allows you to evacuate our stool . This is what is causing my constipation . I’m quite sore and swollen which is to be expected. I will send before and after pics . I will post my link later today. I’m looking forward to healing and seeing the results in a few weeks. Thank you Dr. Posey and your staff.

Love Light and Blessing to Dr. Posey and all the ladies lives your hands have touched and gave our life hope . I will be revisiting her in 3 weeks for check up. I will probably need another treatment due to the LS damage , I’m good with that. Now that I know what to expect I can embrace the next treatment with a sense of calmness . ❤️🙏🏻❤️

Day 8

So after many false alarms of trying to poop then actually going I am experiencing some symptoms again maybe from wiping or just a flare. Burning while peeing, some fissures, but still no itching. This is the after picture I took on left of me on day 8 and again the before from 10 days ago on right.